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Welcome to the Smith Scholarship Online Program!
The following documents are required to qualify for this scholarship:

Application and all attachments or supporting information must be submitted and / or mailed no later than three weeks after the date of your last class.
A copy of your transcript must be provided after the completion of the Spring Semester.

-Volunteer work must be in compliance with guidelines with email or phone numbers.
-Provide and UPLOAD verification on this form (teachers, counselors, a volunteer, or professional) denoting your community service and total hours.
**You must obtain a signature to verify your community service.**
-Recipients must maintain status as a full-time student at the college/university with a minimum of a "C+" average and
maintain significant progress towards completing a degree within four years.

-These funds are for tuition, on-campus room, meal plan and books for only so long as you remain a full-time student during the life of the scholarship and maintain all other requirements.

-One (1) essay documenting your (40 hours / year) community and civic-oriented activities (Including hours) IN YOUR MAJOR is required.

-One (1) essay performing a self-evaluation of your accomplishments, shortfalls as well as your contributions to the Smith Scholarship Program.

-Junior and Senior Scholars must ALSO to have a copy of their "Degree Audit" signed by an Advisor. DO NOT “SUBMIT” YOUR APPLICATION ON BEFORE JUNE 1ST UNLESS IT IS COMPLETELY FINISHED BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO “UNSUBMIT.”

***PLEASE NOTE : FAFSA application must be filed before SSF application is submitted, and proof provided.